Home safety tips

Looking for ways to keep your home safer? Here's what our officers recommend.


  • Reinforce your doors using a Strikemaster kit or alternative
  • Replace worn-out deadbolts and locks
  • Invest in “unbreakable” storm doors from your local home goods store
  • Lock all garage and crawl space entrances


  • Arrange for a professional to install clear window film to prevent shattering
  • Add window security pins to prevent prying open of windows
  • Close your blinds while watching TV

Lights and cameras

  • Hang motion lights in all four corners of your home
  • If you're installing a security camera system, be sure to place the cameras at a height of 6-to-7 feet to provide the clearest images


  • Avoid leaving empty boxes from recent purchases at the curb
  • Don't leave any valuables in your car, even in the trunk

And finally, keep any firearms under lock and key.